Carved Names, Vol.2.


Space Operation and Typographical Silence

“In memory of all those members of the university who fell victim to the anti-Jewish laws, the Holocaust and World War II. ELTE, 2014”

Carved Names – To Remember without Mementos – Designs and Reflections
Carved Names – Conference on the Inauguration of the Monument

On 14 November 2014, a monument was inaugurated in the Trefort Garden on the campus of the Eötvös Loránd University’s Faculty of Humanities (ELTE BTK) in memory of former staff and students of the university who as a result of anti-Jewish laws died during forced labour, or lost their lives in concentration camps and ghettos, as well as all those who met their death while serving in the army and as civilians. ELTE BTK and the Master Association of Architects (ÉME) had announced a competition for students of ÉME’s Master’s studies under the title Trefort Garden Monument Competition. The winning design was submitted by the “MM Group” whose members were architects Ildikó Bujdosó, Eszter Lukács, Nóra Szigeti, Dénes Fajcsák, János Roth and Levente Szabó, students and lecturers of ÉME’s Master’s studies course, 22nd Cycle, along with sculptor Farkas Albert. The title of their work is Names in Mortar Joints and the names of 198 former lecturers and students have been engraved on a bronze strip surrounding the Trefort Garden.

Scale is their key concept. Their work is simultaneously enormous and almost impossibly tiny. It is both total (connecting the two streets bordering the campus) while at the same time an unnoticeable intervention in the Trefort Garden. It is able to express the unique and dramatic loss of the university’s history connected to that era, but it does not put it in the focus of the current university community’s everyday life. It makes possible both keeping away (in which case, a hardly noticeable strip remains on the walls) and going close, understanding as well as remembering (the decipherable names, the mass of data and the spatiality encompassing the whole garden may create a connection with the memory of the victims which is more direct than any symbol or further explanation). The double volume Carved Names was presented a year after the inauguration of the monument, in November 2015. The white volume contains the designs submitted to the Holocaust and World War II monument competition announced by ELTE, while the black volume includes the conference lectures with reference to the inauguration of the monument.